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  Custom Selection Lists

YBP Library Services, Baker & Taylor and J.A. Majors are pleased to make available a series of selection lists created specifically for our academic customers. Our intent is to provide our customers with tools to develop comprehensive, up-to-date collections that fully support their institution's mission, faculty and students. These Custom selection lists reflect areas of study outside our undergraduate curriculum lists. If you require a selection list beyond these areas of study, please contact your sales representative who can customize a list to your specific needs.

This website features selection lists created in the last 6 months. Please be sure to visit our archives for selection lists dating back to January 2003.

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Links to online ordering systems are now available for our custom selection lists. To order titles select the HTML version of the selection lists and choose B&T or YBP.





Biology NEW! 2008-05
Chemistry NEW! 2008-05
Engineering 2008-04
Women's Studies 2008-03
Poetry 2008-02
Presidential Candidates 2008-01
Architecture 2007-12
Business Week Bestsellers 2007-12
Education 2007-11
Psychology 2007-11
ESL 2007-10
Medical Selection Lists 2007
Business Ethics 2007-09
Climate Change 2007-08
Audio Books: Business 2007-07
Automotive/Mechanical 2007-06
Fire Services 2007-05
Religion 2007-05
Film Studies 2007-04
Economics 2007-03
Computer Science 2007-02
Black History 2007-01
Theology 2006-12
Criminology 2006-11
Homeland Security 2006-10
Medical Dictionaries 2006-10
Quill Awards 2006-10
Social Sciences 2006-09
Occupational Therapy 2006-09
Business Ethics 2006-08
Sports History 2006-07
Travel 2006-06
Landscape and Gardening 2006-05
Distance Learning 2006-04