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Baker & Taylor DVD Plans

Baker & Taylor has several DVD plans available for libraries, and carries over 10,000 different DVD titles, priced to fit any AV budget. We continually develop programs that will help your library acquire video titles that meet your patron's needs, while helping you save money and time. Our programs are designed to help improve your library's video collection by presenting new titles in various categories and genres.

  1. Our DVD Parade programs are standing order plans that reduce your selection time by automatically shipping all the hottest and most popular video titles debuting on DVD. Parade DVD plans are available in the following genres: Top Ten, Drama, Comedy, Family, Action, Foreign Film and Music Video. For more information or to sign up for a Parade DVD Plan, click here:

  2. Baker & Taylor has eight DVD Subscription Plans to choose from, ranging from 5 to 200 DVDs per month. With any of these plans, you will receive our monthly B&T Coming Attractions selection list, which features the top 120 DVDs purchased by Baker & Taylor. The list is provided via e-mail or as a cart to Title Source Subscribers, and libraries make their new DVD selections from these titles. Pricing is based on the monthly DVD allowance, and any unused allowance is carried forward into the next subscription year.

    Subscription Plan DVDs arrive shelf-ready, and are received with the shrink wrap and security tabs removed. Each DVD is catalogued and processed according to your specifications. Standard handling includes a MARC record, rating, spine, barcode and ownership labels.

    Click here for our DVD Subscription Plan brochure and order form: For more information, or to subscribe to the plan, email us at .

  3. Automatically Yours DVD Standing Order Programs meet the needs of your patrons by providing automatic shipments of the newest releases from popular DVD series as soon as they're available. Libraries may choose titles from BBC, Educational/ Instructional, Fitness, Movie Collections and TV series.

Benefits of these programs include:

  • Titles can arrive circulation ready with cataloging and processing.
  • Receive your regular Baker & Taylor discounts of the suggested retail price (SRP).
  • Advance email notification of what's shipping and when.
  • 120 plans to choose from

    For more information, click here: or call Baker & Taylor at 1-800-775-2600.