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  Did You Know

Latest Changes to TS3 include:

  1. A new "ISBN/UPC/Keyword…" Search mechanism has been added to the top Green Navigation Bar. It appears on most screens and mimics the TSII Quick Search functionality. It does not affect Search History or any other search mechanism. Most users will find that they can quickly access this search field by hitting [ALT]+S on the keyboard. Just type the search criteria and press [Enter] to conduct the search. We do not guarantee that this Access Key methodology will work for all users or all browsers.

  2. [Back to List] button has bee added to the Detail View and will quickly return the user to their last position on the most recent multiple tile display (either Brief View or Extended View). This mimics the old TSII behavior.

  3. Modified Cart Info popup window allows users to change their "Grid Fill With options". This mimics the old TSII behavior.