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First Look Plus Title Notification

We know you need it, and we provide tools to meet your academic needs. That's why Baker & Taylor offers First Look Plus plans. First Look Plus is a collection development program featuring specialized and review-driven title list that are delivered to you.

You are in control by determining when you want your lists, how you want them and which types of lists you'd like to receive.

Pick Your Schedule
•    Weekly
•    Bi-Monthly
•    Monthly
•    Quarterly

Pick Your Delivery
•    Title Source 3 Cart
•    Sent FTP (Email or US Mail)
      •    Word
      •    Excel
      •    PDF
      •    MARC

Pick a First Look Plus Plan
•    University Press
•    Scientific, Technical & Medical
•    Computer Books
•    Allied Health
•    Business
•    Academic Selection
      •    Arts & Humanities
      •    Social Sciences
      •    Science & Mathematics
      •    Applied Science & Technology
•    UK Adult
•    Primera Vista Audio
•    Adult Fiction or Nonfiction

Duplication Management is provided
•    New lists are compared against previous lists or orders placed in the last 18 months

To set up your First Look Plus, or for more information, contact your sales rep today ()!