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How to utilize your Year End Budget with Baker & Taylor, YBP Library Services and J.A. Majors

We understand the priority and importance of utilizing your year end funds effectively. We can help make this labor intensive and time sensitive task an easier and more efficient process with our Stop Ship process.

At the end of the fiscal year many libraries have expended their budget or a temporary freeze has been put on any spending which necessitates the cancellation of any backorders.

Baker & Taylor
We have another option to canceling all your backorders. We can put a stop ship on your account, which means you can take advantage of continuing to order while we hold both your new orders and existing backordered titles on our shelves for you. When your new monies are available you can let us know and we will release the orders. Please contact your Baker & Taylor customer service representative if you are interested in our Ship Stop process.

YBP Library Services offers customers the opportunity to place their orders and backorders on a temporary, short term hold. Please contact your customer service bibliographer to access your specific needs and how a stop ship can help you effectively manage your end of year spending.

J.A. Majors
Any time you are ordering through Majors website, you have the ability to leave the order on hold and continue building an order to release later. If you have backorders that you do not want to ship in the interim, please contact your customer service representative.

Majors Approval Plans: You can request your approval shipments to be put on hold for a set period of time. Please contact your account specialist for further details. When resuming shipments, your orders can be released one at a time, a couple at a time or in quantities that are most convenient.