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Digital Media Processing: AV Titles with Perfect Artwork Every Time!

Being the visual society that we are, you may be experiencing an increase in Audio Visual loans; leaving you with the question, how do you maintain these materials with less frustration?

Baker & Taylor has the solution: Digital Media Processing (DMP). No longer do you have to worry about AV titles marred by stickers and labels that cover up key elements on the box art which can frustrate your patrons. With DMP, the original artwork is digitally reproduced to your exact profile specifications. As a result, all of the artwork information AND all of your vital label details now fit on a single custom printed sheet that is inserted into the original case.

DMP also helps reduce the risk of theft as the new artwork now has your library information permanently embedded. With bar codes, border options, library logo and name, spine labels and more, we can customize to suit your specific needs. We have the ability to add additional information that you need your patrons to see, such as "Do NOT return to Bookdrop".

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