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Baker & Taylor Provides Scanners for the FIL
November 29th through December 7th

With November upon us, we look to the Guadalajara Book Fair (FIL), in Guadalajara, Mexico. This is one the most important cultural book fairs for Spanish speaking countries. Made up of over 17,000 book professionals from over 39 countries, this year's event is bound to be busy! Each year, one country is chosen to be the guest of honor and this year's honor goes to Italy! Congratulazioni Italia! And, as always, Baker and Taylor/YBP will be there with books in hand!

Baker & Taylor has taken the initiative to help make the fair more enjoyable for our customers, by making the selection process smoother, providing a higher fill rate resulting in an easier delivery process with state of the art scanners that Baker & Taylor will be providing. Please view below how our initiative will benefit you:

  1. Title Selection: We are supplying state-of-the-art hand held scanners for our customers' use. These can be used with a long list of publishers that are already in Baker & Taylor's database. The scanners are easy to use and provide a running total of your selections (book only). You will receive a print-out of the titles and quantities selected when you return the scanner to our booth. We can also email you the list, if you prefer.

  2. High Fill Rates: We will be supplying titles of various publishers exhibiting at the show that are in our database. If a title is not in our database, we will not be able to supply it. This will ensure that we are able to supply the vast majority of the titles that you select.

    We have had a team working with the displaying publishers since June, getting their show titles into our database, so we are well prepared to offer you a wide variety of titles, over 15,000, representing the latest titles from over 150 publishers.

  3. Quick Delivery: When you return the scanner to our booth, you will have the option to place the order on the spot or to receive the list as a quote. We will place orders with the publishers the week following the show to allow as much merchandise as possible to ship before the publishers close for the holiday season. The remainder of the product will be shipped when they reopen in January. That will allow us to provide a jump on getting your orders processed and delivered.
There will only be a limited number of the hand-held scanners available on a first come, first served basis. To reserve your scanner or for any related questions, please contact Baker & Taylor Español at:
Larry Bennett- 908-541-7035;
Queta Fernández- 908-541-7610;

Stop by booth # F12 and say hello!
See you in Guadalajara!