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Title Source 3 Preferences

You can change your General Preference to have your landing page in Title Source 3 to be either the Home page or your Search page. Simply select Preferences from the top of your page change the set your landing page to either Home or Search. To take effect you will need to log off and back in to see the change. You also have the option to "Hide" your search criteria after implementing a search; the default setting is to "Show" the Search Panel. Users now can go to the Preference and change the "Search Panel Options:" on the Display Preferences screen. Choosing "Hide after Search" will enhance workflow and TS3 usability for most users. Whenever a search is performed or E-List returned, the Search Panel will be automatically "hidden" making the assumption that the user would like to see more title information at that time. They can always click "Show Search" button and it will return. This also reduces or eliminates the horizontal scrolling.