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First Look Custom

First Look Custom is a Collection Development service that puts you in control and it also saves time by streamlining your procurement process. First Look Custom delivers a cart of fully customized title selection lists to your Online Ordering System (Title Source, B&T Link Online) for viewing and ordering. Or you have the option for the title selection list to be provided in Word, Excel, PDF, or MARC (FTP) formats.

First Look Custom Lists are created by our Collection Management Department consisting of Professional Librarians and Paraprofessionals.

First Look Custom allows you to Select Criteria to meet your specific needs options include:

  • Subject access: Dewey, LC, BISAC, Genre
  • Publication Date
  • Publishers
  • Series
  • Review Citations
  • Audience Level
Lists arrive on your schedule:
  • Weekly
  • Bi-Monthly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
Duplicate Management is provided by comparing new list against previous list or orders you've placed in the last 18 months.

First Look Custom is a great title notification tool to assist with building your collections and to meet your academic needs. To get started, please contact your , today!

Click for more information on First Look Notification Plans.

A First Look Custom PDF is available here: