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Audio/Visual Searching on Title Source II

Make sure to keep A/V (video and music) carts separate from book carts. They must be ordered under separate account numbers. Spoken word titles are treated as books rather than A/V. If you do not already have an A/V account, call (800) 775-2600 to apply for an account.

If you spend most of your time searching A/V you should go to System Setup and set No of Search Fields to 8. Slide down the screen and set the first 8 fields to the fields as seen below:

Words - All Fields
Words - Artist
Words - Genre
Words - Attributes
Non-book Item Number
Non-book Label Code
Words - Publisher

Main Search Screen A/V

Words - All Fields - Searches keywords that appear in the title, artist, genre, attributes, supplier

Title - Searches exact match of title ignoring leading articles.

Words - Artist - Searches "keyword artist" that might contain starring actor, performer, orchestra, conductor, or ensemble. Do NOT use Words - Author when searching A/V.

Genre - Searches general category for Video and Music. Must be precise. Examples include: Anime, Art history, Auto racing, Baseball, Basketball, Biography, Blues Music, Boxing, Business, Children's Video, Childrens, Christmas, Christmas Music, Classical Music, Classics (silents/avant garde), Cotemporary Christian Music, Country & Western, Dance, Documentary, Education, Educational, Educational Geography, Educational History, Educational Life Science, Educational Math, Educational Physical Science, Educational Political Science, Educational Reading/Writing, Educational Vocabulary, Exercise/Fitness, Feature Film Family, Feature Film Urban Action, Feature Film Urban Comedy, Feature Film Urban Drama, Feature Film-Action/Adventure, Feature Film-Comedy, Feature Film-Drama, Folk Music, Football, Foreign Film - Chinese, Foreign Film - French, Foreign Film - German, Foreign Film - Hebrew, Foreign Film - Indian, Foreign Film - Italian, Foreign Film - Japanese, Foreign Film - Mexican, Foreign Film - Other, Foreign Film - Portugese, Foreign Film - Russian, Foreign Film - Spanish/misc SA, Foreign Film - Swedish, Foreign Films - Argentinian, Gospel/Christian Music, Health/Nutrition, Hockey, Horror, How To - Automotive, How To - Beauty/Fashion, How To - Business, How To - Computer, How To - Cooking/Diet, How To - Fishing, How To - Floral/Gardening, How To - Golf, How To - Hobbies/Crafts, How To - Home Improvmnt/Repair, How To - Hunting, How To - Language, How To - Miscellaneous, How To - Musical Instruction, How To - Parenting/Baby Care, How To - Pets, How To - Photography, How To - Sports, How To - Tennis, Internet Tools & Training, Jazz Music, Latin Music, Literature, Martial Arts, Music Video - Country, Music Video - Gospel, Music Video - Jazz, Music Video - New Age, Music Video - Pop/Rock, Music Video - Soul, Music Video-Middle of the Road, Music Videos - Blues, Music Videos - Classical, Music Videos - Folk, Musicals, Mystery, Nature/Ecology, New Age Music, Original Cast Recordings, Performing Arts - Ballet/Dance, Performing Arts - Concerts, Performing Arts - Opera, Performing Arts - Theater, Personal Finance, Popular Music, Rap, Hip-Hop, Reggae Music, Regional Mexican, Religion, Rock, School Administration, Science Fiction, Serials, Skiing, Soccer, Soul/Reggae/Rhythm & Blues, Soundtrack, Sports Highlights, Study Aids, Television, Travel, War Documentaries, Westerns, World Music, Wrestling.

Words - Attributes - Searches keywords in Attributes. Go to Index Browse on left side of screen; select "Attributes" to see the various attributes. Examples include: Academy Awards, Animated, Award Winner, Behind the Scenes, Closed Captioned, Director's Comments, Public Performance, Soundtrack Spanish, Soundtrack Italian, Soundtrack French, Soundtrack German, and Spanish Soundtrack.

Non-book Item Number - Searches item number as listed on the A/V product. These product numbers also appear on various print and web-based A/V title catalogs.

Non-book Label Code - Searches label code for the supplier/producer.

As an example search on ISBN: 1571326006 to see Veggie Tales: Lyle the Kindly Viking
Look at the BT Key: BEVVLG 2137. BT Key is a non-searchable field but you could search on:
Set format filter to VHS
Non-book Label Code: LG             Producer (for Lyons Group)
Non-book Item Number: 2137        Product number

Filters for A/V

Format Check the boxes for the types of product that you want to see. CD, Cassette, DVD, and/or VHS.
***Note: Don't check Bindings in combination with Format. The two are mutually exclusive.
Bindings applies to product from Baker & Taylor Books while Format pertains to B&T Entertainment titles.

MPG rating code allows video searching by NR, G, PG, PG-13, R, and/or NC-17.

Baker & Taylor (BTE) stock status. Click East, West and Midwest. Check On Hand > 0 to see things that are in stock. If you also check On Order > 0 you can also find things we have already on backorder with the producer. You could also set On Order > 500 if you wanted to find titles that should be very popular.

Publication Date allows searching on the release date range. To search for items with a release date of 10/1/01 to 1/1/02 click on Between 20011001 and 20020101.

Additional Filters (bottom of screen, to the left): Other filter criteria such as list price, demand, the ability to select items that have reviews, jackets, annotations, etc (features), publisher initial print run, etc.

Demand allows searching based on customer demand from B&T Entertainment based on a current 30-day interval. On Baker & Taylor Entertainment (BTE) Demand click East, West, Midwest. Choose > 100 to see titles with more than 100 units demanded. Click apply filters. Click OK. Click Search tab. Make sure "additional filters" box is checked at top of screen. Conduct your search.

Exclude Sensitive Juvenile Material for music CD's and cassettes by checking Parental Advisory if you wish to exclude music cassettes and CD's with Parental Advisories.