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Baker & Taylor Now Offering CD Hotlist to their Customers

Baker & Taylor is now offering CD HotList to their customers. CD HotList is widely recognized as the best online music review resource specifically targeting the library market.

Each month, key releases in classical, country/folk, jazz, rock/pop and world/ethnic genres are reviewed with a handful designated as 'picks'. All pertinent discographic information is also included.

"CD HotList reviews add another 'in profession' dimension to our music resource tools for libraries," said Bill Hartman, Senior Vice President, Music & Video Services at Baker & Taylor. "It is prepared by librarians for librarians. We knew immediately this was an opportunity to take our music supply services to the next level. Coupled with our monthly Music Parade selections we now cover the full spectrum of genre to support every phase of any library's collection requirements."

"Our hope at CD HotList has always been that it would make life easier for librarians by alerting them to noteworthy releases and making it simpler for them to acquire the releases that piqued their interest," said CD HotList Editor Rick Anderson. "Our partnership with Baker & Taylor is allowing us to broaden CD HotList's coverage, to enhance its utility as an ordering tool and to make it even more widely available. It's a very exciting development."

CD HotList is free to all library customers and is available at

About CD HotList
Available since 1999, CD HotList was designed by Rick Anderson, a librarian and music reviewer, to let other librarians know what are the best monthly music releases.