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CD Hotlist: New Releases for Libraries
Exclusively by Baker & Taylor

CD HotList is a music recommendation service for librarians, from librarians. Our group of professional librarians provides timely reviews of new CD releases of interest to libraries. The information is presented in a simple and fun way, helping to make the ordering process for librarians faster and easier. Lists are posted monthly and provide links to our online ordering systems B&T Link Online and Title Source II for ordering. Our staff of contributors are librarians and music fans.

What is CD HotList and why do you do it?

CD HotList Editor Rick Anderson is a librarian and a music critic. In early 1999 it occurred to him that his colleagues in the library profession might like to hear about some of the cooler titles that he sees and hears each month. CD HotList was designed basically as a "heads-up" for interested librarians, a way of saying "Here's some cool stuff you might want to consider for your collections." After doing it by himself for a year he invited some other music librarians to pitch in as well. He and the rest of the reviewing team present the information in a way that facilitates ordering. You'll notice that each entry includes complete catalog information as well as a capsule review; you can print out each monthly issue, circle the items you want and hand the printout to your ordering staff, who will (in theory) rise up and call your name blessed for providing them with such complete and legible information. In 2002, Rick handed over the editorial reins to Dan Cherubin. In 2004, Dan handed the reins back to Rick so that he could finish graduate school. Rick subsequently made a deal with Baker & Taylor whereby B&T took over publishing and distribution of CD HotList, with Rick resuming his role as Editor.


Rick Anderson has worked in libraries since 1988, and has been an active musician for most of his life, playing in symphony orchestras, jazz combos, dance bands, fife-and-drum companies, bluegrass bands and Celtic groups. He edits the Sound Recording Reviews column for Notes (the quarterly journal of the Music Library Association) and is a regular contributor to the All-Music Guide. He began publishing CD HotList: New Releases for Libraries in 1999.