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YBP Sponsors Cites & Insights

YBP is a sponsor for Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large, the online publication described by its creator, Walt Crawford, as "a journal of libraries, policy, technology and media." Walt Crawford has been directly involved with noteworthy automation ventures since the beginning of modern library automation. Author of fourteen books and hundreds of articles and columns, for over twenty years Walt Crawford has been an observer, commentator, and critic-at-large on every issue of consequence concerning libraries and technology. Cites & Insights began in 1995 as the Trailing Edge Notes section of Library Hi-Tech News. In 2000 Cites & Insights became an independent online free publication, which it remains today.

YBP is glad for the chance to support such a long-running and valuable enterprise. We will of course have nothing to do with the content, but instead will be reading each issue at the same time, we hope, that many of you will be reading it. We can't recommend Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large highly enough. To download issues or to sign up to be notified when new issues appear, please visit