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Publishers of book series and Major Reference Works collectively make up the publication type known as eReference. In keeping with our core commitment as a full-service monographs vendor, YBP is utilizing our extensive network of publisher contacts to provide customers with the opportunity for eReference order consolidation.

Since 1999, when publishers began to include access to online versions in the price of the print, YBP proactively secured this access for our standing order customers. And now that publishers are beginning to offer print and electronic versions separately, we are prepared to work with libraries that are ready to add or switch formats.

YBP offers our standard vendor services, staying with our customers every step of the way to ensure that chosen titles are managed effectively on your behalf:

  • Receiving customer orders
  • Mediating license and pricing queries
  • Confirming activation of new titles
  • Invoicing both the initial purchase and subsequent annual renewals

If you have questions, additional titles or publishers to suggest, please contact YBP's eReference Unit at .