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New on B&T Link Online

Sort options now retained when printing a cart/list.
A new screen has been added when printing a cart/list. Users have the option to sort prior to printing.

Default quantity added to preferences.
Setting a default quantity is now available in the "Preferences" menu. When selecting the 'Keep' check box, the default quantity will automatically be added to the cart when you select 'Update'.

Quick Search moved to top banner.
Quick Search is now in the top Banner on every page. Banner Ads have been removed from every page except for the Main Menu page.

E-mail cart feature added.
The functionality to e-mail a copy of an existing cart has been added to B&T Link OnLine/School Select.

Ability to Delete Confirmed Carts.
You can now delete Confirmed Carts giving you the ability to clean up your My List/Carts area. Please Note that once a cart is deleted it can not be retrieved and is no longer available for duplicate checking.