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A Layperson's Guide to Criminal Law Greenwood 0313001286 Criminal Law
Attorney Responsibilities and Client Rights Sphinx 1572484055 Practical Guides/Professional Responsibility/Malpractice
Briefcase on Equity and Trusts Cavendish 184314090X Estates & Trusts
Briefcase on Family Law Cavendish 184314266X Domestic Relations/General
Business Tenancies Cavendish 1843141027 Real Estate
Cameras in the Courtroom McFarland 0786450045 Courts/Performing Arts/Mass Media/Language Arts & Disciplines/Journalism
Challenges and Choices for Crime-Fighting Technology Rand 0833032399 Criminal Law
Child Care Protection Cavendish 1843141639 Civil Law
Citizenship in Modern Britain Cavendish 1843141795 Emigration & Immigration
Civil Procedure Cavendish 1843142139 Civil Procedure
Company Law Cavendish 1843144387 Business
Constitutional Law Cavendish 1843144336 Constitutional
Consumer Law Cavendish 1843141620 Consumer
Contract Law Cavendish 1843144069 Contracts
Conveyancing Cavendish 1843141612 General
County Court Procedure Cavendish 1843141914 Courts
Crime Victim's Guide to Justice Sphinx 1572483113 Practical Guides/Criminal Law
Drafting Cavendish 1843140985 General
Employees Rights Sphinx 1572484454 Practical Guides/Labor & Employment/Business & Economics/Human Resources & Personnel Management
Employment Law Cavendish 1843144565 Labor & Employment
Environmental Law for the Built Environment Cavendish 1843140829 Environmental
Essential Administrative Law Cavendish 1843140683 Administrative Law & Regulatory Practice
Essential Corporate Law Cavendish 1843144468 Corporate
Essential Dispute Resolution Cavendish 1843144603 Alternative Dispute Resolution
Essential Family Law Cavendish 1843141000 Domestic Relations/General
Essential Guide to Real Estate Contracts Sphinx 1572482737 Practical Guides/Business & Economics/Real Estate/Real Estate
Essential International Trade Law Cavendish 1843144255 International
Essential Tort Law Cavendish 1843140837 Torts
Essentials of Intellectual Property John Wiley & Sons 0471273295 Intellectual Property
Essentials of Trademarks and Unfair Competition John Wiley & Sons 0471269271 Business/Intellectual Property
European Union Cavendish 1843144344 General
Executorship and Administration of Estates Cavendish 1843141809 Estates & Trusts
Family Law Cavendish 1843141051 Domestic Relations/General
Family Limited Partnership Sphinx 157248411X Business/Consumer/Business & Economics/Small Business
Free for All Beacon Press 0807044121 Civil Rights
Grandparents' Rights Sphinx 1572482613 Reference
Greece, Turkey and the Aegean Sea McFarland 0786450037 International
How to File Your Own Bankruptcy Sphinx 1572482621 Practical Guides/Business & Economics/Personal Finance/General/Bankruptcy
How to File Your Own Divorce Sourcebooks 1572482605 Reference/Domestic Relations/Divorce & Separation
How to Make a North Carolina Will Sphinx 1572483202 Wills
How to Make Patent Drawings Yourself Nolo 0873378776 Property
How to Make Your Own Simple Will Sphinx 1572484160 Estates & Trusts/Wills
How to Probate and Settle an Estate in California Sphinx 1572483210 Estates & Trusts
How to Register Your Own Trademark Sphinx 1572484179 Patent, Trademark, Copyright
How to Start a Business in California Sphinx 1572483237 Reference
How to Start a Business in Florida Sphinx 1572484357 Business/Practical Guides/Business & Economics/Small Business
How to Start a Business in Georgia Sphinx 1572484373 Business/Practical Guides/Business & Economics/Small Business
How to Start a Business in Michigan Sphinx 157248294X Business/Law/Practical Guides/Business & Economics/New Business Enterprises
How to Start a Business in Pennsylvania Sphinx 1572484438 Practical Guides/Business & Economics/General/Business
How to Write Your Own Living Will Sphinx 1572484187 Consumer/Medical/Ethics/Living Wills
How to Write Your Own Premarital Agreement Sphinx 1572482699 Practical Guides/Domestic Relations/Marriage/Family & Relationships/Marriage
In Our Own Best Interests Beacon Press 0807050164 Human Rights/Philosophy/Methodology
Inherent Rights, the Written Constitution, and Popular Sovereignty Greenwood 0313001103 Constitutional
Intellectual Property Law Cavendish 1843144360 Intellectual Property
Judgment at Tokyo University Press of Kentucky 0813171202 Military/History/Japan/History/Military/World War Ii
Land Law Cavendish 1843144441 Land Use
Landmark Supreme Court Cases Greenwood 0313007640 Constitutional/Reference/Courts
Law of Obligations and Legal Remedies Cavendish 1843141434 General
Legal Research Made Easy Sphinx 1572483016 Annotations & Citations/Research/Court Records
Liberty and Authority in Free Expression Law LFB Scholarly 1593320280 Civil Rights
Making Babies, Making Families Beacon Press 0807071064 Domestic Relations/Children
Mastering the Mbe Sphinx 1572483024 Study & Teaching/Study Aids/Professional
Murder in Victorian Scotland Praeger 0313003467 Legal History
Personal Injury Litigation Cavendish 1843144514 Personal Injury
Practice Notes on Insolvency Law Cavendish 1843140802 General
Principles of Commercial Law Cavendish 1843141590 Commercial
Principles of Equity and Trusts Cavendish 1843142015 Estates & Trusts
Privacy Handbook John Wiley & Sons 0471472417 Corporate/Business & Economics/Auditing/Business & Economics/Management
Profit from Intellectual Property Sphinx 1572484209 Practical Guides/Intellectual Property
Q and a Series Criminal Law Cavendish 1843144506 Criminal Law
Q and a Series Equity and Trusts Cavendish 1843141574 Estates & Trusts
Q and a Series Jurisprudence Cavendish 1843141043 Jurisprudence
Ratting Praeger 0313013853 Criminal Law
Regulating Womanhood Routledge 0203311523 Gender & The Political Science/Public Policy/Social Science/Women'S Studies
Social Security Q and A Sphinx 1572484241 Federal Jurisdiction/Business & Economics/Personal Finance/Retirement Planning/Practical Guides
Termination of Employment Cavendish 1843142414 Labor & Employment
The Great Catastrophe of My Life University of North Carolina Press 0807861480 Domestic Relations/Divorce & Separation/Religion/Sociology Of Religion/History/United States/Revolutionary Period (1775-1800)
The Most Valuable Personal Legal Forms You'll Ever Need Sphinx 1572484195 Practical Guides
The Mythology of Modern Law Routledge 0203308948 General
The Right to the Assistance of Counsel Praeger 0313011192 Constitutional
The Visitation Handbook Sphinx 1572483083 Domestic Relations/Children/Domestic Relations/Divorce & Separation/Family & Relationships/Parenting
Tort Law Cavendish 1843144522 Torts
Trademark Counterfeiting, Product Piracy, and the Billion Dollar Threat to the U.S. Economy Quorum Books 0313001774 Intellectual Property/Social Science/Criminology
Travelers Rights Sphinx 1572484268 Practical Guides
Unmarried Parents Rights Sphinx 1572484276 Domestic Relations/General/Domestic Relations/Children/Social Science/Sociology/Marriage & Family
Who Gets the Good Jobs Rutgers University Press 0813532566 Labor & Employment
Wills Cavendish 1843140888 Wills
Win Your Unemployment Compensation Claim Sphinx 1572483091 Federal Jurisdiction/Practical Guides
Winning Your Personal Injury Claim Sphinx 157248327X Personal Injury
Your Right to Child Custody, Visitation and Support Sphinx 1572482583 Domestic Relations/Children/Family & Relationships/Divorce/Practical Guides