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Designed for basic home care aide training and continuous in-service courses for home care aides. These videos provide realistic client care situations to give the viewer a greater understanding of job responsibilities. Infection control content reflects CDC guidelines; new coverage of changes in medicare reimbursement, impact of managed care; new documentation forms and examples common to home care; new content on physiological changes due to aging, clients with circulatory disorders, tuberculosis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and transferring and positioning. 12 tapes, 30 minutes each, 1998.

Tape 1: Home Care Services and Professionalism
ISBN: 0827385765

Tape 2: Communication and Documentation
ISBN: 0827385773

Tape 3: Care of Different Client Populations
ISBN: 0827385781

Tape 4: Practical Skills in Home Management
ISBN: 082738579X

Tape 5: Standard Precautions and Infection Control in the Home
ISBN: 0827385803

Tape 6: Vital Signs and Indicators of Changes in Client's Condition
ISBN: 0827385811

Tape 7: Skin Care and Bathing
ISBN: 082738582X

Tape 8: Body Mechanics and Positioning
ISBN: 0827385838

Tape 9: Transfers and Ambulating
ISBN: 0827385846

Tape 10: Bedmaking and Dressing/Undressing the Client
ISBN: 0827385854

Tape 11: Bladder and Rectal Care
ISBN: 0827385862

Tape 12: Special Procedures and Emergency Care
ISBN: 0827385870

Complete Set ISBN: 0827385889
Instructor's Manual ISBN: 0827386044


Before technicians become problem solvers they need to develop the basic skills that are fundamental to all automotive service areas. Also ideal for Drivers Education programs, this 4-part program demonstrates skills used every day in auto shops and will be helpful to anyone who owns and drives a car. Beginning with safety, the viewer will learn some of the skills necessary to enter the field of auto mechanics. This program is guaranteed to teach the skills that will help any car last longer! 1994. Includes four VHS tapes with a 28-page study guide.

Tape 1: Using Reference Material
ISBN: 0806405074

Tape 2: Underhood Maintenance
ISBN: 0806405082

Tape 3: Road Service
ISBN: 0806405090

Tape 4: Component Replacement
ISBN: 0806405104

Tapes & Study Guide ISBN: 0806403500
Study Guide ISBN: 0806403519

Delmar's Medium/Heavy Duty Truck ASE Test Prep Videos present test takers with a visual review of the T1-T8 and L2 tests prior to taking the exam. Each tape summarizes key topics and key task areas through live action and animation. Actual technicians, authentic shops, and late-model vehicles are featured for an up-to-date look and feel. Safety is emphasized throughout each tape. An overview tape introduces test takers to the ASE testing style. 2001.

Tape 1: Overview
ISBN: 0766824691

Tape 2: T1 Gas Engines
ISBN: 0766824705

Tape 3: T2 Diesel Engines
ISBN: 0766824713

Tape 4: T3 Drive Train
ISBN: 0766824772

Tape 5: T4 Brakes
ISBN: 0766824780

Tape 6: T5 Suspension & Steering
ISBN: 0766824799

Tape 7: T6 Electrical/Electronic Systems (Part 1)
ISBN: 0766824594

Tape 8: T6 Electrical/Electronic Systems (Part 2)
ISBN: 0766824608

Tape 9: T7 Heating & AC
ISBN: 0766824802

Tape 10: T8 Preventative
ISBN: 0766824721

Tape 11: L2 Advanced Engine Performance (Part 1)
ISBN: 0766824616

Tape 12: L2 Advanced Engine Performance (Part 2)
ISBN: 0766824624

Complete Set & Instructor's Manual ISBN: 0766831671


Electrical Wiring Residential Video Series correlates directly with the best-selling Electrical Wiring Residential, 14E test by Ray C. Mullin. These videos set the stage for learning by motivating viewers and heightening their enthusiasm. Each video is devoted to a specific, specialized topic including: electrical installation planning essentials, GFCIs, special-purpose outlets, and custom installation. In addition to high-quality animations, questions have also been incorporated into each tape at strategic points to promote discussion aimed at enhancing viewers' understanding and preparing them for successful attainment of all learning objectives. Perfect as introductions to the the topic covered; live action and animation helps present matierla in a clear and logical manner.

Tape 1: Introduction to Electrical Installation
ISBN: 0766824314

Tape 2: Planning for Circuit Installation
ISBN: 0766824322

Tape 3: Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters
ISBN: 0766824349

Tape 4: Lighting by the Room
ISBN: 0766824330

Set of 4 Videos (Tapes 1-4) ISBN: 0766824292

Tape 5: Special Circuits
ISBN: 0766824373

Tape 6: Special Purpose Outlets
ISBN: 0766824381

Tape 7: Miscellaneous & Custom Installations
ISBN: 0766824403

Tape 8: Service Entrances
ISBN: 076682439X

Set of 4 Videos (Tapes 5-8) ISBN: 0766824357

Complete Set (Tapes 1-8) ISBN: 0766831884


Gas metal arc welding - often referred to as "MIG" welding - is one of the most versatile and heavily used welding processes today. When used in its entirety, this CD-ROM takes viewers from Gas metal arc welding set-up through advanced gas metal arc welds. Basic hand skills are emphasized in each video, with live action, plus numerous close-ups and top-quality animations to provide viewers with step-by-step instruction in gas metal arc welding principles and techniques. The importance of safety, as well as the propoer use of safety equipment, is also stressed. Available on VHS cassettes, or CD-ROM, this series also features a set of corresponding activity sheets to help viewers apply what they have seen on each video to work in the welding shop. Tapes and CD may be purchased seperately, or as a complete set. The entire series may be used independently, or as a supplement to any welding textbook. 2001.

Tape 1: Essentials
ISBN: 0766823008

Tape 2: Setting Up
ISBN: 0766823016

Tape 3: Getting Started
ISBN: 0766823024

Tape 4: Advanced
ISBN: 0766823032

Set of 4 Tapes Including Instructor's Manual ISBN: 0766822990


This package is a self-paced, self-training, video-based program to help you in your Safety, Basic Skills and Maintenance training. The viewer will see and hear information that they will both remember and understand. Best of all you can accurately measure their understanding with the Multiple Choice Test questions that are included in the Study Guide. This program is specifically designed to be used individually so that the viewer can learn at their own pace and receive reinforcement where and when they need it most. Each of these video programs is carefully hand-crafted combining the crystal clear close-up videography with concise scripting that insures the highest of information retention by the viewer. And the Pre & Post Test included with each program help insure that each viewer fully understands the important safety or technical concepts presented in each video.

Tape 1: View & Line Interpretation
ISBN: 0806404272

Tape 2: Dimensions & Tolerance Specifications
ISBN: 0806404280

Tape 3: Auxiliary Print Info & Geometric Tolerancing
ISBN: 0806404299

Tape 4: Welding Symobls
ISBN: 0806404302

Study Guide ISBN: 0806403489

Video Program, 1994.
Includes 4 VHS Cassettes with a 24-page Study Guide. Stock No. F51-C8/9.
ISBN: 0806403470

Program Activity Sheets, 1997.
Work Sheets (34 pages) for the viewer to fill out during "Stop Slates" in the video program. Instructor Answer Sheet and Certificates of Completion included. Stock No. PF51-C8/9.
ISBN: 0806415649